My boyfriend told me to get a hobby. I like to write but have no direction in life. So… I decided to join the blogosphere. Seems like a non-sequitur but there’s a reasoning there I hope unnecessary to explain.

I am obsessed with The New York Times so most of my writing will be reactions to the gems they publish. And so, sadly I do not subscribe to them. Whoa, I feel really guilty right now.

On April 5th 2011, at 7PM, I decided to be more forthcoming and put some personal details on here as a procrastination tactic.

  • I obsessively hydrate.
  • I do bikram yoga (yes, these are related).
  • I wear a wristwatch and wake up to a radio alarm clock.
  • I am queen of left-overs and yes, I eat all of them.
  • I only need six hours of sleep to feel amazing.
  • It is useless to give me compliments to help with my self-esteem because I take the compliment, thank you for your effort and archive it immediately. Unfortunately, my brain does not have the precision of the Google algorithm to retrieve that little nugget should a wave of despair wash over me.

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